MoliCare® Skin Zinc Oxide Cream (200ml)

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MoliCare® Skin Zinc Oxide Cream has been specially formulated for use on incontinence-compromised skin and is gentle enough to use on intimate areas to soothe irritated skin. With 20% zinc oxide in an easy to apply water-in-oil formula, this cream is perfect for calming irritation while the special Nutriskin Protection Complex strengthens the barrier function of the skin. The result is skin that is clean, calmed and nourished, with improved elasticity and resilience. The pleasing fragrance of the zinc oxide cream also has added odour neutralisers to leave you feeling refreshed.

• Specially formulated to protect skin exposed to urine and faeces
• Anti-inflammatory protection for skin stressed by incontinence
• Strengthens and regenerates the skin’s own barrier with the specially formulated Nutriskin Protection Complex

MoliCare® Skin protect products offer advanced skin protection. Specially formulated to support MoliCare® products‘ absorbent capabilities. Maintains healthy skin by replenishing the skin’s moisture and stimulating its natural defences.


Anti-inflammatory effect
The MoliCare Skin Zinc Oxide cream contains a formulation of 20% zinc oxide which provides an anti-inflammatory effect for slightly irritated skin. This cream is ideal as an alternative to the Barrier Cream with the added benefits of zinc oxide to clam and sooth the skin. Designed for use in intimate areas, this cream is delicate enough for use on genitals, perineum and the bottom and contain MoliCare’s Nutriskin Protection Complex.

Nutriskin Protection Complex
MoliCare’s Nutriskin Protection Complex is a composition of four ingredients with amino acids, sweet almond oil, essential unsaturated fatty acids and creatine which strengthen the barrier function of the skin.

Contains zinc oxide for an anti-inflammatory effect
Protection for skin stressed by incontinence
Strengthens and regenerates the skin’s own barrier
Does not impair the absorbency of the pad

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