Adult Diapers Guide: Slips vs Pull ups Adult Diapers Guide: Slips vs Pull ups

How do Pull ups differ from Slips for incontinence?

Many people prefer the term 'Pull Ups' to refer to adult diapers. Here at Nappycare the best example of a pull up would be our Molicare Premium Mobile Range which is a wearable incontinence product that is worn like pants, with a rubber band to secure the diaper comfortably to the individuals’ waist.

On the other hand, slips such as our Molicare Premium Elastic range, are very similar to that of baby diapers but for adults as they are easier to apply on individuals that are bedridden.

However, this product is not limited to only bedridden individuals. Regarding size and absorbency, they are identical, both products ranging from Small to Extra Large and both products have two variants; Daytime Blue 6 Drops for the day and Overnight Purple 8 Drops for night time.

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