Why Skin Care Is So Important Why Skin Care Is So Important

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, but we often take it for granted. Our skin plays a major role in protecting us from the environment and works as a barrier defending against bacteria and infection.

Skin Is Slightly Acidic

To help guard us, our skin has a natural acidic protection layer with a pH of 4.5-5.5. This acidity dissuades bugs and bacteria that comes into contact with the skin. But as we age, the natural protection layer weakens, reducing its protective function and making it easier for bacteria and fungi to penetrate the skin and cause inflammation.

Incontinence Can Damage Skin

Our skin is also impacted if it’s exposed to urine and/or faeces due to incontinence. The protection layer breaks down and makes the skin vulnerable to the attack of bacteria and infection and can lead to Incontinence Associated Dermatitis (IAD). In mild cases, IAD can lead to redness and skin irritation. In severe cases, IAD can lead to complete skin breakdown and other skin complications such as pressure injuries.

Ph Levels for Skin

How to Care for The Skin

There are some easy ways in which we can care for our skin every day.

Gently cleanse the body or areas affected by incontinence.

Did you know that frequent washing with regular soaps weakens the skin? Not only can soaps remove essential moisture, but they can also change the pH and damage the natural protection layer. It is important to cleanse the skin using a gentle pH balanced and moisture replenishing formula. MoliCare Skin Clean products are dermatologically tested, pH balanced and contain nourishing and moisturising ingredients.

Use barrier products that won’t stop incontinence pads from absorbing.

Barrier products are used to prevent urine contacting the skin to prevent, or reduce, redness and irritation. But some common barrier products, such as those that include petroleum jelly or zinc oxide, can also add a barrier to the pad, stop it from absorbing properly and hinder protection. It’s recommended to use barrier products that won’t block pads but also importantly provide optimum protection with a pH balanced formula and ingredients to strengthen the skin’s natural protection layer. MoliCare Skin Protect contains the Nutriskin Protection Complex with linseed oil, amino acids, almond oil and creatine that help strengthen the skin and its regeneration function. They are pH balanced and will not impair the performance of absorbent continence products.

Use body lotions and creams that provide intense moisturising.

Sensitive and elderly skin can lack in moisture and skin nutrition. In fact, elderly skin regenerates only half as quickly as young skin. Therefore, it’s extremely important to apply care products like creams or lotions regularly after skin cleansing. The MoliCare Skin Care range offers intense and long lasting moisturising. MoliCare Skin Body Lotion contains the NutriSkin Protection Complex to support the skin’s natural barrier and regeneration function.

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